When I first heard about Photoshop, I was too eager to create designs even if I knew that I don’t know anything about it yet.

This is also how most people respond!

They are too intrigued about it’s functions that after installing the program, they want to create designs instantly but since they don’t know the functions, they get disappointed and dismayed.

By just learning a few basics and watching our simple video tutorials you can be creating graphics within no time.

As a beginner, you don’t  have to spend you first weeks and months learning its functions like others.

You can create a design in no time using these simple tutorials?

Then you can learn each function so that once you start doing designs, it will be easier since you know how it works. Most of these functions are on the toolbar.

Here are some reasons why you need to learn the toolbar:

1.) Photoshop is meant for enhancing and creating designs.

The options in the toolbars have various options however we only need to learn a few to do most of the work. As a beginner, it’s very important to understand carefully how each of these functions work.

2.) Toolbar is the Life-Blood of Photoshop.

There are three areas in Photoshop. The top toolbar, the side toolbar on the left and the right toolbar where you can actually see the functions.

You don’t have to learn the toolbar your own way. Don’t explore, just ask!

There are so many people in forums that you can ask directly for tips and techniques. Youtube has thousands of free videos that will teach you basic lessons about toolbar functions.

Photoshop wouldn’t be that hard if you will study it step by step!

The reason why it’s hard for some people to use it is because they want to skip steps and be experts without learning its basic functions.

So as you start learning now, spend time in carefully understanding the functions since it’s the only way to get used to it. 

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