Photoshop for Beginners provides simple to follow Video tutorials.

A few years ago I purchased Photoshop CS2 and with it I also bought a DVD tutorial. After 5 minutes into the tutorial it took me nearly 2 days to find just some of what the tutor was talking about and gave up.

This DVD was obviously designed for graphic artists not me.

I wanted Photoshop for beginners!

A few months later I thought I would try again and visited some of the many tutorial sites of which many were free.

Here are some great free ones if you want to try them

Again after going through just a couple of tutorials I was none the wiser as they were assuming I knew something about Photoshop as most of the people writing these tutorials were again graphic artists.

I have virtually no graphics dna in my body.

I wanted Photoshop for beginners!

Finally a couple of years back I wanted to do some Photoshop tutorials for some orphans I was teaching in Thailand. I went and visited a friend of mine who was a graphic artist who was in the middle of changing jobs who sat down with me for a couple of days and showed me Photoshop for beginners.

I said John “I don’t want to be a graphic artist I just want a simple way to make business cards, letter heads and some graphics for my products and websites.” I want it simple enough to teach the young guys in Thailand. I want Photoshop for beginners.

He looked at me and said oh that’s simple then.

He had to really dub it down for me.

Within a couple of hours I was producing graphics as good as any I had been paying for and making them exactly how I wanted them without having to go back and fro with my current designer.

I still use my designer for complex graphics however I can now do 90% of the stuff I need.

What was the difference?

John showed me that most graphic artists cheat and use various graphics and mix and atch them to produce new ones. They take a little from here and there and combine them into new files.

I could not believe how simple it was and now I truly had discovered Photoshop for beginners!

You will see it everywhere you look.

Over time I have become aware of this process looking through magazines, TV and pretty well anything that has some sort of graphics.

Many of the graphics have similar elements and there are probably very few true graphic artists who create a graphic from scratch.

Photoshop for Beginners

In these tutorials we show you this very same system that will have you designing quality graphics in just minutes

You wont have to design them from scratch but use this same mix and match system. I was able to make this banner in just a few minutes for y mobile website business.

If you have been looking for a simple photoshop for beginners course then read through the main sales page.

Why are we charging for this course?

There are two reasons.

Firstly we offer support and will keep on adding simple video tutorials to the Photoshop for beginners for you.

Secondly we use much of the income to sponsor our training for orphans and disadvantaged youth programs which we provide to them free.

Photoshop For Beginners is all about giving you
simple ways to create good quality graphics.

You can see over on the right the Photoshop for beginners tutorial topics which will give you the ability to do most of your own graphics what you need.

Not only that but when you discover how easy a lot of this is you will better understand some of Photoshops power and be able to branch out a little.

Again our aim is not to turn you into a graphic artist but  just to give you enough skills to accomplish what you want with these photoshop for beginners tutorials.

Ready to discover the power with out
Photoshop for Beginners Tutorials


Photoshop For Beginners Tutorials

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