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Discover how to easily create your own graphics in minutes with our Mix and Match system.
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Mix & Match

My Graphics Friend Showed Me Photoshop Shortcuts That Blew me Away And Now I Will Show You!

This course will not turn you into a professional Graphic Artrist however the skills you will learn will help you create professional looking graphics. The Graphic will show you our mix and match system.

Many people who own Photoshop have given up simply because all the tutorials are just to complicated or they don’t understand the process. Photoshop beginner tutorials will have you creating great graphics in minutes.

Sample Video

Now all the graphics Artists will say that’s easy and it is, however few will show how to do it.

We made these Photoshop Beginner Tutorials for teaching youth so they could get a better job or start their own businesses.

This means we assume you know very little and present them in easy to understand English

Some of the orphans we support in Thailand.

What You Will Receive

1. Video Tutorials – Look over my sholder as I show you the basic tools and our mix and match system for speedy results

2. Photoshop Files – We will provide you all the files for your  Tutorials so you can practice with me.

3. Resources – A whole range of files and sites you can get even more files to mix and match for your projects

4. Private Forum – where you can share files and ideas with other members.

Bonus Product Creation

Not only learn how to make great graphics with our easy Mix and Match system, but I will show you how to create products using the same simple system.

Back when we were creating Mobile Websites I created this icon maker product in Photoshop which generated a few thousand dollars as a side hustle and you can do similar projects.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any extra charges?

No! The course is completely FREE and we supply all the files you will need to do the various tutorials and additional links to many free files also.If you want to keep up to date and get additional files and info fill out the form below.

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Do I need Photoshop?

No but it helps! I use an old version I bought at a garage sale for $30. It is CS2 and you can use any version as most of the basic tools we use have not changed. You can also use the online photoshop called Photopea 

The tools are a little different but you can open layers etc and do most of the same things.

Do I need to be a graphic artist?

No! We developed this course for some of our young students and also some older ones who had no experience. Like any program if you learn 10% of the program you can do 90% of graphics you will want.

Is there any support?

Sure! Everything you need is in ther tutorials however you can contact me with any questions or use the forum or comments to ask questions.

Do you have other products?

Yes! We have a fair bit of training. Magazines FreeCyber Security FreeWeb Marketing For Profit Paid    We also build website at

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